Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Installing xDebug on Mac OSX with AMPPS

Hi Dear reader!

You may be wondering why I am writing yet another article about xDebug installation on Mac OSX, but in fact, I am writing this more because of myself as I want to remember the easiest way on how to build and install custom xDebug without additional troubles in short time. (As I am sure I will forget it if not in written form :-p)

Usually when installing xDebug to make it work with AMPPS on Mac OSX, I downloaded Komodo Remote Debugging Package and selected version which fit my PHP version and put xdebug.so in my PHP modules directory.

Everything was just fine during the time, until the moment I started to play with Magento 2. I switched the AMPPS PHP version to 5.6 and installed Komodo xDebug as usual. But when tried to debug in PHPStorm, some weird errors appeared and debugging was practically impossible ....

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