About us

Darko Goleš (CEO) is full time professional – Magento Certified Developer PLUS, Magento Certified Solution Specialist from Osijek, Croatia.

Hobbyist Android developer.

Author of the book “Magento Mobile How-To”.


PHP (Magento, Zend Framework, Symfony2, Doctrine), Google Android, Web Services: REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, Magento optimization and third party integration.


He has over 13 years experience in development both desktop and web applications in different programming environments: VB6, C++, VB. NET, C#, and later in PHP: Joomla, WordPress, etc.

After several years of freelance desktop programming, he found that his real passion is PHP and Web Development.

Until ApiWorks, he was working in one Magento Gold Partner company from Osijek, Croatia as senior level Magento developer.

During that time, he started first year as mobile team web support member – specialized for web services using Symfony2 framework and later switched to Magento.

While still in mobile team, he also developed his first Android application for tracking Magento logs: “Magentic”. He also wrote more than 60 blog articles about Symfony 2, Android and of course, Magento Development on inchoo.net official blog site.

In late 2012., he published a book “Magento Mobile How-To” with Packt Publishing as publisher.

Starting own company, 2014, he worked on various Magento projects for different international clients and currently working as part of international "PinpointDesigns" Magento development team.